Elder Educational 
Consulting Ltd.

Many Businesses do not have the time or resources to manage their health and safety system on their own.

We are able to help and develop a sustainable solution for your safety needs.



Today's reality is:

  • The average cost of a claim due to a workplace incident is more than $13,000.
  • The indirect costs associated with an incident, is a minimum of four times the direct cost and can be as much as 50 times.
  • Business Owners are expected to know and comply with all requirements under the legislation.

Elder Educational And Consulting Ltd

  • Provides comprehensive Safety and Health Management services.
  • Specializes in the development of safety programs for businesses
  • Provides general industry workplace safety training and consulting. 
  • Provides Consultation with ISNetworld

Elder Educational and Consulting Ltd


understands the tough challenges facing business. We provide businesses with health and safety consultation and training that makes for cost-effective solutions to health, safety, and risk issues. As part of our safety consultation, we work with our clients to help them achieve the maximum benefit from their safety and risk management resources.

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